slapped cheek syndrome
slapped cheek syndrome


My granddaughter seemingly has slapped cheek syndrome. What is it and should I be worried?


Slapped cheek syndrome is caused by a virus called parovirus B19 and the child will have contracted it by inhaling droplets from coughs and sneezes when someone close to her has had the infection. It’s difficult to detect the virus at its contagious stage-when your grandchild was most likely to pick it up-because it can be up to 21 days before the bright red rash appears. Once the rash is present then the child is no longer contagious.

If she has a slight temperature then give her paracetamol and/ or ibuprofen. An antihistamine is useful when itch is present and putting a moisturiser on the rash can help. Preventing it spreading round the family is just about washing hands and keeping surfaces clean. The only people that should seek medical advice are pregnant women, those with blood disorders and if you suffer from severe anaemia.

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