See Elizabeth Roddick at The Best of You EXPO 2017

On Saturday 4th March 2017, I will be presenting at The Best of You EXPO at Excel London.

The talk will centre around how to help you improve your quality of life as you age, whilst introducing my new ER Quality Life System, during the EXPO.

The ER Quality Life System consists of 3 webinars:

The first one is about Mindset. Managing mindset is one of the secrets to a better, healthier life. Learn how small differences can free you up and help you live a better quality of life.

The second webinar is about lifestyle. Do you want to learn about an easy way to exercise that makes you younger and healthier?  Do you wish for a simple route to eating well and filling you full of energy? This second webinar is full of information to help you do just that.

The third webinar is about balance. Learn the importance of quality sleep, improving your memory and much more. Enjoy learning how balance can give you an improved quality of life.

Click here for further information about the EXPO.