athletes foot
athletes foot


My athlete’s foot keeps coming back. do you have any tips?


Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection and generally occurs in between the toes. It usually starts with an intense itch and as the skin starts to crack and peel it can appear white and red and can start to weep. If
you keep getting reinfected then there could be several reasons. 

The firstis not drying carefully in between the toes after a shower. It’s those moist areas that are ripe for fungal infections to grow. You need to use a  separate towel which is not shared with anyone else and change your socks daily. Cotton socks and leather shoes will reduce the risk of reinfection because they allow the feet to breath.

Spraying antifungal powder into shoes and socks as well as using one of the proprietary creams on the infection will provide a two- pronged attack. Many people don’t use the creams for long enough. You need to continue treating for two weeks after the infection has cleared with most products but newer products such as Lamasil Once have a shorter duration of action. There is also a very old fashioned treatment called potassium permanganate.

You make up a solution in a basin of water and steep the feet for about 20 minutes. Make sure you don’t use too much because it will stain the feet pink.

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